Sunday, July 31, 2011

Bear Lake with the best family in the world :)

Fun memories were made this weekend..
good thing we have pictures to tell the story :)

check out my new swim suit!

melanie and taylor please?

My husband can do cool tricks...

told you.

best buds

do we look like cousins?

a few of my favorite boys

i kind of like him..

floating in the lake


paddling away

smiles all the time from these two


sailing... loved it!

does it get any cuter than this?


  1. Oh my gosh! I love every single picture! I'm so glad you guys had fun. Sure wish we could have been there.

  2. cutest pictures and looks like such a fun summer trip! also love your new're a babe!

  3. Nick and I were there this past week too! Looks like you were on the south side... I hope you got a raspberry shake while there :)


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