Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our favorite things about being married

1. You get to say goodnight right next to each other in bed
2. Cuddle time every morning as we press the snooze button five times
3. I no longer have to take out the trash :)
4. We get to go to church together.. no more singles wards :)
5. I get to pack him a lunch every night... that is if he decides he wants to eat lunch?
6. We both love ice cream and cookies!
7. He warms up my car in the morning
8. We are now the MILLERS :)
this list can go on for much longer...
marriage is the best


  1. Love this! I totally have to agree with all of those :)

  2. oh my gosh, isn't #1 the best thing in the world? That was my favorite part!

  3. Love it. What do you want me to do to your blog? I think it's pretty cute already.


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