Thursday, January 27, 2011

one month down... eternity to go :)

we have been married one month!
thats right.
one month of this!

it feels like one week
but it also feels like 5 months.
(is that a good thing? i think yes?)

We are so busy all the time with work and school and climbing
we only get to see each other after 7 in the evenings until 8 in the morning
and on the weekends :)

we celebrated Dave's birthday last week!
he is old
seriously though. that is old. haha
we celebrated by dinner with his family
and i made the traditional
mint chocolate chip/oreo ice cream cake
one word

dave is a man now.
not only because he is 25
but he put together his first grill!!
he is obsessed
in fact. we are grilling tonight to celebrate our accomplishment of
one month of marriage :)

(well that is if i marinated the meat right) whoops.

life is good.
marriage is the best.
we are best friends.
we love life.

come visit us again soon...

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  1. That cake looks incredible. Happy birthday to Dave! Sorry we couldn't be there for the celebration.


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