Sunday, August 25, 2013

Florida. Round Two.

For some odd reason, I haven't felt like blogging. 
My Summer in Utah was full of so much joy and happiness.
But I am definitely excited to be back for year two of Florida. 
Dave will graduate with his Masters in May and then we will be on to the next step. 
PH. D. 

In order to end my blogging hiatus. . . 
I think I will just be posting every once in a while with a photo of my life lately.

And lately my life is filled with so much love from this pup. 

How was your Summer? 

 photo signaturesj_zpsc9aa01cb.png


  1. That. Face. Oh my goodness! I just want to love him. There is no greater joy than that of a puppy.

  2. Such a photogenic puppy! I know what you mean about the blog funk. I've just been recapping fun things from the summer just so I won't forget them but nothing really blog worthy. Oh well!

  3. gosh you don't even know how jealous i am that you got a pup. but seriously ahhhh!



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