Friday, May 10, 2013

Thoughts for Friday

This past week has been so good to me. 
I have been able to spend so much time with family. 
My niece and nephews are beyond adorable. 
Seriously, they could not be cuter. 
I love seeing the mountains close by
and being able to see the sunset in the distance. 
Salt Lake City will always be my home. 
More on all my adventures this past week to come. 

For now, I want to share an article with you. 
My dad sent me and email with a link to THIS article. 
I found it really interesting. 
And very sad. 
Why is it that we have to compete with each other? 
Why do we feel like we have to measure up to everyone around us? 
Pinterest is seriously my best friend. 
I love the ideas that are on there and it seriously has become my recipe book. 
Don't let it be something that brings you down. 
This article is all about women in the world that feel like they aren't good enough. 
It is about women who stay up til 4 am obsessing over the perfect birthday cake for their child. 
It simply doesn't matter what everyone else does and how you feel you compare to what they do. 
Your child will love you whether they have a homemade Halloween costume or one that was bought at Smiths. 
Don't let other women's talents belittle your own talents. 

I highly recommend you read it. 
Be your best self. 
And don't let others get in the way of that. 

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  1. great article!
    also, lets get together.
    we are moving june 4, so i want to see you before then!


  2. I'm glad I'm not addicted to pinterest. It's a fun place to find ideas, but most of them look like too much work.

  3. I am with you on the not feeling good enough article I need to read that because I def do that to myself. you see all these gorgeous fashion bloggers and you are like there is no way I can ever be at their level...stupid pointless crap girls stress about. I love you blog! Thanks for sharing. I am now following.

    follow back if you so desire :)


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