Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Home is where your Family is.

I sure do miss Dave but man I love being in Utah. 
It has been so much fun to spend time with my family. 
I miss just stopping in and hanging out with everyone. 
It is the best. 

Here is a little update in picture form: 

1. Boating in Utah Lake. 
It was almost 90 degrees that day and the lake wasn't even that cold!

2. Does it get better than s'mores?
Nope. And you can always have S'more of them too. 

3. Brady's first birthday!
I have been hanging out with this little man a lot lately. 
He is non-stop giggles, he has so many adorable tricks and he can walk!

4. The new smoker!
My dad is so amazing at smoking meat. It melts in your mouth. 
He got a new toy the week before I came and we are all reaping the benefits. 

5. These two are my favorite. 
They seriously belong in a jcrew for kids magazine. 
They are definitely my little buddies. 

6. My mountains!
This picture got cut off a bit but it is the view from my parents back yard. 
I walk outside everyday and stare. They are so stunning!

7. My first time wake surfing!
It is so much better than wake boarding, I loved it!

How are your first weeks of Summer going? 

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  1. oh my heck, now i really want a smore!


  2. The lake looks like a lot of fun! It really has been the perfect weather. Unfortunately, I spend my Saturdays trapped indoors!!!


  3. You certainly are keeping busy!

  4. It's a nice r be with family! We're not home right not but my husbands sister is visiting us right now which is almost as good :)

  5. I totally get what you mean about the mountains! Sometimes I have to sit there and remind myself that not everyone has such awesome landmasses in their backyard. How is it in Florida without them? I don't know if I could do it... Glad you are having such a fun time! Those kiddies are adorable.


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