Monday, May 6, 2013

Airplane Smell.

Flying is my absolute worst enemy. 
Good thing it usually means I am going some where fun. 
I get super duper sick on airplanes. 
So sick that my husband doesn't even want to sit by me.
Apparently I make him sick just by having him sit by me... 

When I was really little, my family flew to Disney Land and it was my first time on a plane. 
I threw up. 
All over my Mom. 
Don't worry, she still loves me. 

During my teenage years, I would get super sick during take off and landing. 
I would put a pillow over my head and blast music in my hears to distract me. 

Now, just the smell of an airplane makes me nauseous.
I seriously feel like throwing up almost the entire time. 
Dave thinks airplanes do not smell and that it is all in my head. 

Somebody tell me it is real and I am not making it up?
Wish me luck. 
Utah, here I come! 

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  1. airplanes definitely have a distinctive smell!

  2. so i used to be totally cool with flying.
    my family used to travel a lot when i was younger.
    i remember one time specifically that we were flying home from new york.
    i was actually with my choir so we basically knew everyone on the place.
    my friends mom started getting sick and i remember her running to the bathroom to puke.
    i never got sick until every time after i got a plane after that.
    something about the link of her being sick makes me get sick.
    i dont really get sick, just mainly during take off and landing.
    i try to get on the plane and fall asleep before take off and be relaxed or asleep during landing and that helps.

    hope to see you while you are in town!


  3. Aw I feel so bad for you! My mom gets sick almost instantly on a plane. I didn't fly for the first time until I was 15, and I did just fine until my mom, who was in the row behind me, got sick. So now I am paranoid which leads to a stomach ache. And don't worry, I know exactly what smell you are talking about! On Wednesday I am flying to Germany and am not really looking forward to the flight.

    Not sure if you are located near a Trader Joe's or any other health food store, but try taking ginger supplements or ginger tea. Ginger is a life saver for an upset stomach. I eat ginger chews like no tomorrow when I am on a flight, and drink sprite at the same time. Seems to do the trick. Plus it occupies your mind because they are so darn sticky and get all up in your teeth, haha. Good luck!

  4. um, yes they do. Sort of like stale air and port-a-potty air freshner cakes. I don't get sick on flights, thank God, but that smell is awful!

  5. There is such a thing as airplane smell for sure. However I am probably weird in that I love the smell. That and sharpies...I'm sorry it makes you sick though! Eating a sweet potato makes me toss my cookies every time without fail.


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