Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kermit... the frog!

Have I ever told you how being married to my husband is like being married to a Manly little boy? 
That sounded strange... 
He is truly a kid at heart and I love that about him. 
He is always giggling and always on the go. 
He loves catching creatures. 
Every time we would go climbing, 
he would want to catch a lizard or snake. 
Now, in Florida, it is frogs. 
They are every where here and he loves catching them. 
The other night he caught one and he really wanted to keep him. 

What the heck, right?
Dave made him a home out of an old juice container. 
He immediately went outside and got dirt, sand, braches, leaves to make him a good environment. 
He even has a little mini water dish inside and Dave got him live crickets at the reptile store here. 
Side note: have you ever been to a reptile store? You must go, they are SO COOL!

We named him Kermit. 
And he is just a little tree frog. 
He is actually pretty cute. 
Dave feeds him first thing in the morning 
and gets him out of his cage to jump around first thing when he gets home from school.
They are already best buds. 
He is going to be a good father one day.
No I am not comparing parenthood to taking care of frogs. 
Yes I know it is WAY harder than that. 

After having Kermit for just three days, 
I highly recommend a frog as a pet for little kids. 
He is totally harmless. 
Easy to maintain. 
And he is super fun to hold and watch jump around. 

Plus, he is pretty cute huh?

 Ribbit. Ribbit. 


  1. Oh Kermit is sooo cute and little! My husband is the same! When ever we go to St. George he is always trying to catch those dang lizards! I am actually terrified of the thought of maybe raising all boys! I don't like that kind of stuff lol

  2. Oh, he is super cute! I love my fish, but a little frog like that seems like he'd be a lot more interesting than a fish.


  3. Haha, Ethan has a pet frog! His name is Cohen, but he's a "water only" frog and can't breathe the air. He lives in a little tank on Ethan's dresser and he just loves him! Frogs really are fun pets, too. I used to have rats back in college and everyone got grossed out, but they're really sweet pets! They can learn their names, how to use a litterbox and are so fun to train -- like, "bring me the ball" and they will! Haha.

  4. We had water frogs...then my cat went fishing and ate them.


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