Friday, March 29, 2013

Five FOR Friday

Here is to five fabulous things that are happening as of late: 

1. Dave randomly just decided to celebrate for really no reason 
and take me out to dinner on WEDNESDAY night. 
We never go out mid week and it was a treat!

2. I get to go visit my family a lot sooner than expected. 
Details to come on this but it is GREAT news!

3. Dave only has FOUR weeks of school left this semester. 
Summer here we come!
Oh wait, I have a full time job. . . 

4. This article was a treat to read during all the contention 
this week about gay marriage. You should read it. 
In case you are wondering, 
I believe marriage should be between a man & a woman. 
And don't worry, the article is light hearted. 

5. It is Easter Sunday this weekend and Monday is April Fools Day.
Seriously one of my favorite holidays. 
Now I just need to think of a nice way to Fool Dave this year :)

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  1. By "get to visit my family" I'm sure you mean "get to visit my family and Brooke."


  2. i want to know what the great news is! hoping it's what i think ... :)!!!!!

  3. Aww yay for a midweek treat! Those are the best!

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