Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day is for Utahns?

Last year for President's Day weekend we went down south
for some warm weather and climbing. 
We spent a couple night's in the local bouldering area called Moe's valley. 
It is just right outside St. George. 
We had a fabulous time with some of our favorite people.
And we really enjoyed REAL rock. 

This year, Dave has school on President's day.
How lame is that? 
I think it is a Florida thing or something. 
We did go climbing this weekend but it was in a gym on fake 'rock'. 
So this weekend definitely had me missing my Utah...

 Yes. I let him grow his hair that long and I have no idea why. 
Yes. My mom thought it looked good on him and he should keep it that way. 
Yes. All these pictures are from our trip down south last year. 

Happy President's Day...
go do something FUN!


  1. Hi there, Im your new follower from the blog hop!

  2. What fun photos! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. I am a teacher so I get off and my husband works at the university and he has to work. Such a bummer.

  4. Where are you bouldering in the second pic down? I must go there!

    1. Kenzi! It is just in Moe's Valley right in St. George :) It is such a pretty place to camp and climb, we love it!

  5. It's an Arizona thing too--Neal had a FINAL on President's day. I had work. We had to settle for hearing all about the fun snow activities in Utah from the rest of our family who had the day off. Lame.

    1. so LAME! I guess we will appreciate it that much more when we are back in Utah one day :)


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