Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentine's gift.

I am certain you have probably seen this project all over pinterest. 
I made this for Dave 2 years ago and I love it. 
It was such a simple, inexpensive DIY gift but it is really thoughtful too. 
Here is the how to:

Construction paper
1 desk of cards

First, think of 52 reasons you love your significant other. 
Mine were anywhere from:

'You love me for who I am'
'You always give me a smile when I look at you'
'You make me laugh at least once a day'

You can write these or type them, 
I typed mine up and printed them all out on a piece of off-white paper.
Second, I glued that piece of paper to another piece of red so I could add color to it. 
Then I glued that piece to each card. 
Last, make a front and back cover. Hole punch each card and put a ring through the top left. 
It turned out to be a fun little flip book of reasons I love Dave. 

Happy LOVE month!


  1. its not happy when you're single and cant share with anyone. sucks. but it's better this way. less pain

  2. I made one of those for my husband last year--it's fun, and a good exercise in remembering lots of reasons why you like them.

  3. This is really cute, I've seen it before. Now your surprise is out!

  4. You are so creative!!! Love this!

  5. So cute! I WISH I was crafty enough to do that, kudos to you-best wife ever!


  6. i also recall there being something about something dave does or has being on fire? ;)
    love this.
    love you
    miss you two :P
    (if this is moderated and not published i iwll not be offended :P)


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