Thursday, January 17, 2013

The day I became smart again.

Well friends, the day has finally come. 
My husband and I decided to bump up in the world. 
We bought smart phones. 
Well, we had smart phones before but now we have data plans. 
Yep, we know it is 2013. 
Now that we have made the plunge, we will NEVER go back!

We both got the brand new Galaxy S III. 
Can I just say... we are in LOVE.
I had NO idea how many amazing things phones can do these days. 
Make fun of me all you want but I really do think it is super cool.

We debated about getting the iphone for a long time...
I have multiple apple products but we are on tmobile and they don't carry the iphone. 
However, I am so happy we went with the Galaxy. 
The screen is way bigger. 
And even after using apple products all the time, I think the Android system is easier. 

There you have it. 
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  1. Oh I know. I'm having a hard time waiting til April to get rid of our plan with a major company and get new smartphones...

  2. i've been debating back and forth whether i should get an iphone or the samsung galaxy s3. my hubby has the galaxy and loves it. he thinks he's too cool for apple so he's trying to persuade me to get the galaxy. and i want our phones to make out like in the commercials haha. so i think you've convinced me to get the galaxy!

  3. I love my iphone. Everyone I know who has started with a droid ended up with an iphone later. But, if your company doesn't carry it...'nough said.

  4. I have a Samsung Galaxy and love it! But of course since the sIII came out mine is completely outdated according to my students who all of course have the latest phone. When did kids start getting expensive smart phones?!


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  7. Hahaha, my parents just got smart phones about a month ago. They love them!

  8. hooray! welcome to the 21st century (; i just got mine in november so i totally know how you are feeling right now. i love having a smart phone, i spend less time on the computer now and it's really convenient while on the go (;



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