Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My heart will always be in Utah {DIY}

I love pinterest. Am I the only one that pins a million DIY projects and never does any?
I decided to change this the other day... so I browsed through my DIY board and picked this.
Isn't it so fun? Well, I clicked on it and it was just a photo. Ugh. 
So I invented my own way of making it...

DIY: My heart will always be in UTAH

So I went to Michael's with my 50% off one item coupon in search for the supplies. 
I ended up getting an 8x10 canvas board. 
Then I got blue paint and ivory embroidery floss. 
Total: $6!
(I already had the nails- maybe 2 bucks from home depot)

I painted the canvas and nailed the nails in place for the state outline. 
Then I made up my own little heart, where SLC is....

Next, I took the embroidery floss and wrapped it around the outside nail, 
connecting it to the heart nails. Make sense?

What do you think?


My heart will ALWAYS be in Utah. 
I still call it home :)


  1. This is so so so so cute!! Utah is still considered home to me as well. I never do my DIY pins either...but with real intent to when I'm out of my in laws home and have space! And I will definitely do this project.

  2. Cute! I'm sure it helped to have an almost square state :P Love it!

  3. Oh I hate it when there's only a picture, not a link or instruction included. SOO annoying! Way to be crafty and figure it out!

  4. Ok I love this! Putting it on my DIY list for sure!!!

  5. awesome, i might just have to make one of these for nevada. haha.


  6. Absolutely love this diy! I'm exactly like you, I post a ton of stuff on pinterest and never do it ;P

    Dearest Lou

  7. so so cute! i keep seeing this so i think i need to make it. love utah and you! xo

  8. This is so cool! That turned out great!! I just might have to do this.. but with Texas! :)

  9. I have this pinned too! Along with all my other crafty pins, it's never been done, lol. This one is at the top of my list to do whenever I get around to it, but with Michigan ;)

  10. I kind of definitely love your version WAYYYY better. Great job girl, you killed it!

  11. aw i've seen these before, i want to make one!! yours turned out SO cute, i love it!!

  12. Oh hey! Utah is my home too! Really! I need one of these!!

    Thanks for sharing on the All Star Block Party!


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