Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Part-Time Mommy.

Okay. I know being a nanny is not even close 
to the same thing as being a mother. 
BUT. sometimes I feel like a part-time mommy. 
It is definitely preparing me for motherhood someday. 
I thought I would share with you... 

5 things I have learned as a nanny

1. When you are eating, it is no longer for your own enjoyment. You basically
shove the food down as fast as you can before the kids need you again. 

2. Nap time is the greatest treasure and I do anything to prevent 
noise from happening while they are sleeping. 
A good nap makes for a good afternoon ahead. 

3. Being a nanny is also like being a maid. 
You basically are nonstop cleaning all day long-
whether it be toys, poopy diapers, food all over their face.. it is all the same. 

4. A breath of fresh air is so important when you are home all day with kids. 
Get out and take the kids for a walk, it is good for your sanity!

5. Nothing is better than baby giggles. 
Seriously, I try to make them laugh all day long. 

seriously though. 
I love little kiddies. 
And I really enjoy being a nanny to two adorable babes. 


  1. I nannied in college and definitely found all of those to be true. I know that it'll be hugely beneficial for me when I have my own kids!

  2. Well these are some things I have learned as a mother, so I would say, yes, its definitely preparing you! ;]

  3. ah, i love kids so much and cant WAIT to have my own!

    ps, id love for you to stop by and share your most viewed blog post on my linky party!


    see you there!

  4. It's really great that you love your job...at least all the demands are worth it.

    xo erica

  5. you are seriously getting GREAT practice! naps are such a pleasure now. i honestly want to kill anyone who comes knocking at the door during everton's nap!

  6. nawww how cute! I love love love my little cousins - the best thing? You can play with them alllll day and then hand them back to get a good nights rest! Glad that you love your job!


  7. You have learned and imparted some wise tips. You will be that much more ahead of the game when you have your babies.

  8. You are dead on! I nanny-ed in college and just stopped even trying to eat when they were around. Nap time became my lunch time. It is a very fun job though!

  9. it's great that you love what you do!
    i have nooo idea how nannies (and moms) do it, but i really do salute you!


  10. So sweet! I didn't know that you did that!

  11. so true, naps are like gold!

  12. YES. I definitely, definitely feel like a maid sometimes!!

  13. aww i just love your heart! just randomly stumbled upon your blog - so happy i did! i worked as a nanny most of last year and so i totally resonate with all you shared :)

    i'm following you via GFC now and excited to read more!!



  14. haha this was hilarious to read. i wish i had a rollover plan for all of those naps i screamed my way out of having to take!!

  15. That's amazing that you seem to really love your job, being a nana is hard work. People are counting on you to take care of the ones most precious to them; their children. I love what you wrote.

    Deliciously Happy


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