Monday, October 29, 2012


 This post needs to start off with a disclaimer: I have always been a natural kind of girl. I don't ever wear any make up because I believe natural beauty is the most beautiful way to go. However.... My amazing friend Katerine offered to do eyelash extensions on me. My first reaction was NO WAY.  Only because I am so anti make up... Luckily I thought about it and decided it sounded really fun.

So here are the before and after photos...
What do you think??

She did an amazing job! 
I love how natural they look!
pretty, right??

I have fabulous news for you ladies...
Katerine is offering extensions for you at an amazing price!
It is only $100!
{contact her for an upcoming Holiday special too*}
She is currently living in Florida.
She will be in Utah November 23, for three weeks
and in Utah again during February.
So what are you waiting for, schedule with her!

Eyelash Extensions
by Katerine


  1. Holy Cow! That's amazing. I just bought fake eyelashes but this looks even better!

  2. Beautiful, beautiful! I waaaant!! If I were in Florida or Utah I'd be all over contacting her.

  3. Those look great! I got them for my wedding and they were awful! All crooked and pointing in a million directions and then they ripped out all my lashes once they started falling out. So sad. Your friend does a fantastic job!

  4. They look great! I love eyelash extensions because you can get a more "done" look while still looking very natural!

    Be sure to enter my newest giveaway!


  5. oh whoa, what a difference!! they look very natural and great!

  6. Looks great! How long do they stay? And do they damage your natural lash when they come off?

  7. no way, i was JUST talking about how i wanted eyelash extensions! or even using that serum stuff to make em grow! your eyes look awesome

  8. Holly woah! That is incredible! Ill have to find someone in my area! It looks so so good!

  9. She did such a good job! You look stunning!
    Extensions are a gal's best friend :)

  10. Hot diggity, I LOVE THEM!! They look good on you!! I need a friend who is as talented as yours!!! xoxo

  11. SO SO SO Jealous. This is on my "dear santa" list... I wish I still lived in Utah though- I feel like so many girls do a great job there. I can't seem to find anyone out here. bummer! xo

  12. Oh. muh. gawsh. Those are BEAUTIFUL. My favorite, absolute favorite, facial beauty part thing whatever it's called are EYELASHES! I love those. Yours are amazing. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile; been my own li'l world. I am back. I hope to hear from you soon and hope you've been well. Your lashes sure look great.

    Brani Laine

  13. Incredible! I wouldn't have said that you needed them 'before' but they look even more gorgeous now! Love, love, love!

  14. They look amazing and so natural!!! I have always wanted to try them but was scared my real lashes may fall out. LOL!

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  16. Beautiful SarahJane! You are lucky to be naturally pretty, so you don't need makeup. Wish I could pull off the natural look! Love your blog, hope you are doing well.

  17. Um they look sooo good! Gosh I have been wanting to do mine and this just make me want to more! Just found our blog from the blog swap! New follower. Oh and I am doing a little giveaway on my blog tomorrow, I would love to have you stop by!

  18. Goodness I'm so jealous! I've wanted to do this for so long! They look amazing!

  19. oooh, they look beautiful! i've just gotten into wearing false eyelashes, myself. extensions must be so convenient. xx


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