Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day of Luck!

Happiest St. Patrick's Day!!!

When I was little I had the most amazing 1st grade teacher
Mrs. Herzog
she is also in my parents home ward so I know her really well.
She made St. Patrick's Day so much fun for me!
Every year, until I was in highschool, she would drop something off at my house
that was from the 'leprechauns'
ever since then. . .
i love st. patty's day!

I wanted to surprise dave with a box full of Lucky Charms that had only marshmallows in it.
(he would have DIED of excitement!)
However, I didn't realize it would be a saturday today and I would be home when he ate breakfast.

The leprechauns made us pancake batter that was delicious.
They also turned the toilet water green, but I will spare you a picture of our toilet.

the leprechaun himself... :)
he is quite the hunk.

Happy St. Patty's Day Ya'll!

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