Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas is coming....

Thanksgiving was incredible...
and black friday was the best ever!
we are so stinking excited for christmas!
There is something special about having our first christmas together...
getting our own tree..
creating our own traditions
hot cocoa on christmas eve in our new pjs

i am just so excited!

check out our cute little tree!
(and yes, santa has already brought a few presents!)

our own little stockings.
I made them.
yep. me.
well... with a little help from my mom.
(nothing is better, on your day off, than hanging out with your mom!)

22 more days!


  1. Yay! Your first Christmas married is definitely one to remember. Look at all those presents! Taylor aren't getting anything for each other this year. :( All the money goes to the kids! Can't wait to see you!

  2. such cute decorations and your house looks and smells just like christmas - love it!
    oh and cutest stockings ever :)


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