Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

We had a wonderful of July weekend!
It started off with our lovely BBQ/ climbing adventure up the canyon
followed by:

Granite High Fireworks show
Blue Iguana
Park city outlet shopping
more climbing
delicious home-smoked pork
(courtesy of my Father)
Just Dance, Wii style
Ward Breakfast... also courtesy of my Dad
Melanie's Half Marathon
Transformers 3
more climbing
park city fireworks
being with family and friends

she really is so amazing!

I am trying to teach myself how to take pictures of fireworks...
good thing we still have the 24th!

What a wonderful weekend!


  1. Will you email me all the pictures you took? Thank you so, so much for coming to support me! By the way, what do you mean your family never goes in the mountains??? I guess that doesn't include me and Taylor? We love the mountains!

  2. you and taylor are definitely not included in that. .


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