Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Schools out!

I am finished!
I never have to drive to provo for school again!
I have two general education classes I am going to take
at the Salt lake center during my internship in the Fall...

but those don't count ;)

basically I am almost done with college.
so stoked to be done with that awful commute
(i am such a pansy!)

i know i said i would post pics of LOLA, the new car
(which by the way, i think i might actually drive it by myself to work tomorrow!)
I have to post pics of my cute new shoes...
everyone needs a 'hooray, i am done with school" present

what do you think?
thank you. to everyone who approved of this purchase :)

by the way..
i am excited for Easter.
dave doesn't believe in celebrating easter with gifts and things
i do.

He also gets a couple pairs of much needed shorts for summer climbing.

Can't wait for the bunny to come!

summer is on it's way


  1. Oh Janie, you make me happy! Hooray for being done with school! Can't wait to see pics of the new car and yes, I love those shoes.


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